Collection, segregation, processing, recycling of plastic, rubber and metal waste. Baled waste, agglomerates, regranulates, compacted EPS, EPP. Sale of recyclates and original materials.

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Production waste treatment and recycling

We specialize in the collection and recycling of post-production plastic waste - in the form of grind, defective products, glued scrap from production, entire components that are intended for disassembly, and the like. As one of the few companies in Poland, we specialize in the recycling of entire multi-material components, such as car headlights, dashboards, starters, bumpers, cooling systems, PP / AL pipes and the like. We currently process mainly the following types of materials: ABS, PC / ABS (including aluminium), PC, PS, PP, PE, PET, SAN, PCV, PA6, PA66, PA12, PA10, PA11, TPO, TPE, TPU, POM , PMMA, EVA, PEEK, SURLYNE, LDPE, LLDPE and more

As a professional recycling company, we provide suitable measures for cooperating partners, which facilitate their waste management. In this regard, we offer to use:

  • lockable folding boxes in two sizes of 100% plastic (with the possibility of stacking)
  • metal folding baskets (with the possibility of stacking)
  • hook containers 36 m3
  • safety boxes for the transport of pyrotechnic materials (safe boxes) type AIRBAG
We are able to adapt containers to the needs of our customers so as to ensure an easy and clean way of storing waste, as well as optimizing logistics.


We have our own fleet of vehicles with a well-developed logistics department:

  • trucks with trailers 13.6 x 3.1 m type mega
  • hook sets
  • sets of 100 m3 up to 10 t
  • cars up to 3.5 to 3,5 t


We work flexibly and can respond quickly to the needs of our customers and partners so that waste is not a problem for them. At the customer's request, we provide waste management protocols and videos capturing the recycling process.

A professional fleet of recycling machines, many years of experience, as well as the fact that we are a family business, allow us to adapt the final product to the needs of our customers around the world and at the same time make our services irreplaceable.

Our machine park:

  • high-speed mills with rotor diameters from 0.8 m to 1.5 m in quantities of 9 pieces
  • 3 crushing lines with rotor diameters from 1 m to 1.5 m
  • pressing / sintering line
  • work and flotation line
  • compactors for EPS, EPP
  • regranulation line
  • separators: non-ferrous metals, electrostatic, optical, magnetic